Slau takes you behind the scenes at BeSharp, a recording studio in New York City. Listen to excerpts from sessions, gear reviews and equipment shootouts.

Jordan Potter (originally from Texas) had recorded at BeSharp a few years ago with his two Sisters, Lauren and Leigh. He was referred to me by the John Marshall family and I guess he was a satisfied customer because I got a call from him again, , booking some time to do two albums in just one week. He was bringing his friend, Matthew Conrad, a trumpet player from Baltimore. Matthew and Jordan would each do their own solo albums with Jordan accompanying Matthew on his album and Matthew making a guest appearance on Jordan's solo piano album. I had a pair of Neumann TLM-103s on the piano (which I had used on Jordan's previous project. For Matthew, I set up four mics and we did a quick shootout while soundchecking. I set up a Mojave Audio MA200 (large diaphragm tube condenser), an upgraded Cascade Fat Head (ribbon), an Apex 205 (ribbon) and a Heil PR-40 (large element moving coil). Without telling Matthew which one I preferred, I soloed each trumpet mic and he picked the Fat Head (my choice as well -- surprise, surprise). We actually managed to get through all of the material in just over four days. I was practically editing as they were walking out the door but we did complete the project on time. I mixed it and uploaded files for them to approve before mastering both CDs. Jordan released "Jesus Paid It All" and Matthew released "Send the Light" independently. I've seen it around on a few online retailers like Sacred Music and Hyles Publications Unfortunately, neither Jordan nor Matthew maintain web sites that I know of. For more information about them and their projects, write to: pianopraises [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

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Taking a break from the insanity of the Winter NAMM show, George Hrab and I sat outside the Anaheim Convention Center one afternoon and pondered the event, the music industry, being a musician, the gear, the booth babes... National Association of Music Merchants: George Hrab's sites: The Geologic Podcast The Philadelphia Funk Authority The Musicians Cooler: The Paul Green School of Rock Music: Who in the world were we immitating with those silly Lawrence Welkian voices? Sessions With Slau

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with many friends and acquaintances at this year's winter NAMM show. Here are a bunch of interviews with some of them. In order of appearance: Bob Heil, Heil Sound Bob is an absolute legend in the audio business. What an incredibly passionate and dedicated man. He has a ton of great stories to tell and I could just listen all day. He was very generous with his time and I cut a bunch of stuff out of the interview just to make it a little shorter. Extremely nice new drum mic kits from Heil. Check 'em out. Lonya Nenashev, fDW Worldwide (Nievaton) I finally had a chance to meet Lonya Nenashev (formerly of Red Square Audio) in person and check out some of the offerings from Nevaton, a Russian microphone manufacturer. This is one of those cases where I wish I had a quiet room in which to audition these impressive looking large diaphragm condensers. I've always been intrigued by Russian-made microphones and these look enticing. They're not very well known in the States... yet. Jed, DPA Microphones Not surprisingly, DPA wasn't showing their excellent line of studio microphones but rather their new series of mics designed primarily for live instrument miking at a considerably more affordable price point. Doc, Avant Electronics There's something about Avant products that I really like. Everything that I've seen from them so far has been really nice. I just recently purchased a pair of Mix Cubes for the studio and find them to be quite nice. Doc talks about some soon-to-be-released microphone offerings. What kind of a name is Doc? Well, he got that nickname because he was a medic in the Navy. Cool! Dusty Wakeman, Mojave Audio As a big fan of the Mojave MA-200, I was excited to see a prototype for a stereo version of the LDC called the Ma-202ST which should be out in the next couple of months. For years, I've been trying to track down an earlier LDC tube mic designed by David Royer known as the 747. I've told Dusty that, if Mojave were to put out a new multi-pattern, large diaphragm  condenser, I'd probably buy it sight unseen or, well, unheard. David Royer, Mojave/Royer Labs David seems to me like a cross between a hippie and a scientist. He apparently has a sketchbook filled with ideas and designs. Oh, how I'd love to take a little peek... John Jennings, Royer Labs John showed me Royer's new SF-24V stereo tube ribbon mic. Man, if I only had an extra $7,000 laying around. Hmm... Well, for now, I grabbed their much more affordable (actually, free) new demo CD which features clips from multitrack sessions featuring Royer ribbons -- right up my alley! Can't wait to sit down and give a close listen. Paul Erlandson, Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. Paul and I have been missing each other at a few NAMM and AES shows. Well, we finally did catch up and I was really impressed with their interfaces. Maybe we'll manage to get one into the studio to shoot out against some other converters. Gary, Audio-Technica I've always been a fan of Audio-Technica microphones, especially the 4033/sE. They were showing their new stereo mics and headphones. Again, one of those situations where I would've loved to have a quiet room on the show floor in which to have a close listen. Oh well, it's a trade show... Tony O'Keefe, CAD Professional Microphones I've loved CAD microphones for years, especially their early models. Although Tony showed me a bunch of new and interesting products at the booth, I was truly excited to hear that they're going to be manufacturing their higher-end microphones in the States again. Wow, you'd better believe I'll be hounding Tony to send me some review units in the future! Steve Trunnell & Renee,

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I've only just begun and I already have a "lost episode!" This one was supposed to be in the 100th episode of PSN but... Two of my clients have the same name and couldn't be more different. The John Marshall Family: Unfortunately, the other John Marshall's band, it seems, no longer has a web site. You'll probably see a message saying it's temporarily disabled but, for what it's worth:

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Welcome to the first episode of "Sessions With Slau." It's a little "getting to know you" session. I talk about how I got into music and audio recording. I don't get too geeky because, well, I'll save that for future installments. Oh, believe me -- I'll get really geeky soon enough. My own personal (very static) web site: Unfortunately, there is no web site for Darka & Slavko so, here's a wikipedia page: My first (and only -- so far) article in "Sound On Sound" magazine: Sessions With Slau Other website mentioned George Hrab Geologic Podcast at

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Welcome to Episode 0 of sessions with Slau. In this episode you hear the concept of the new podcast as we get ready for the official launch coming shortly. Subscribe via iTunes or standard RSS using the icons on the right.

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