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Zen and the Art of Producing

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

cover of zen and the Art of Producing by Mixerman

Last time Mixerman was on the show, we spoke about his book, Zen and the Art of mixing. This time around, we talk about his new release, zen and the Art of Producing. Having read this fantastic book twice, I probably could have asked a dozen more questions, given the scope of the work. It’s the kind of material one can read several times and absorb new things with each pass. It’s available from Amazon as well as brick and mortar retailers.

cover of The Daily Adventures of Mixerman

I was so incredibly excited to learn about the new Daily Adventures of Mixerman – An Audio Book Dramatization. Even though I read the printed edition several years ago, the audio book version adds a whole new dimension to the story. Rather than just Mixerman reading the content, there’s voice talent reading dialog and not just any old actors—you’ve got people like Ken scott, Ron Saint Germain, Ed Cherney, Dave Pensado, William Wittman and many others. Guess what? I’m among the many others! Well, truth be told, I got to do one line but, hey, listen to the credits and weep ;)

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman – An Audio Book Dramatization is available through Audible and coming soon to the iTunes Store.

Check out the first chapter on youtube: Chapter 0 – Supreme Negotiators

And here’s a bit of a trailer: TDAOMM Sampler

Blank Page Syndrome

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Welcome to the first episode of “Sessions With Slau.” It’s a little “getting to know you” session. I talk about how I got into music and audio recording. I don’t get too geeky because, well, I’ll save that for future installments. Oh, believe me — I’ll get really geeky soon enough.

My own personal (very static) web site:

Unfortunately, there is no web site for Darka & Slavko so, here’s a wikipedia page:

My first (and only — so far) article in “Sound On Sound” magazine:

Sessions With Slau

Other website mentioned

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