NAMM with George Hrab


Taking a break from the insanity of the Winter NAMM show, George Hrab and I sat outside the Anaheim Convention Center one afternoon and pondered the event, the music industry, being a musician, the gear, the booth babes…

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The Geologic Podcast

The Philadelphia Funk Authority

The Musicians Cooler:

The Paul Green School of Rock Music:

Who in the world were we immitating with those silly Lawrence Welkian voices?

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4 Responses to “NAMM with George Hrab”

  1. Jonathan Perez Says:

    Hey Slau, just wondering what you used to record your podcast with George and if you did anything to it in post.
    Love the show and thank you so much.

  2. Slau Says:

    Hey Jon — thanks, man. I used an Edirol R-09. I have the original model (not the new HD version). I love it — it’s easy to use and it sounds pretty good. The only thing I did was normalize the level and that’s all. Cheers!

  3. David P. Says:

    Hi Slau. I listened to all your podcasts so far. After hearing all the interviews with the NAMM vendors, I cracked up at Geo’s comment about what the typical vendors say, which is true of most trade shows. It is often difficult to cut through the marketing hype and black magic. I look forward to your future gear reviews and equipment shootouts.

    P.S. I just noticed in the car this morning that it is you guest singing on Sciurus Carolinensis (the anti-squirrel song) on Interrobang.

  4. Slau Says:

    Hey david, Yeah, that totally cracked me up as well. It is true and, I guess, unavoidable. But some vendors do genuinely drop the script and simply converse. I think that’s mostly a function of how well you know them. As Kevin Peckham mentioned, you get to the point where the vendor sees you and either waves you over or motions to come back later. Anyway…

    Yes, I did actually get behind the mic for “Squirrels.” It was a blast, as you might imagine. Pushing buttons and turning knobs is quite alright, of course, but when you’re invited to get up and sing, well, now you’re talkin’!

    Next episode will be a little session profile that’s been in the can for a while and then it’ll be a few shootouts. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!


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