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Welcome to the first episode of “Sessions With Slau.” It’s a little “getting to know you” session. I talk about how I got into music and audio recording. I don’t get too geeky because, well, I’ll save that for future installments. Oh, believe me — I’ll get really geeky soon enough.

My own personal (very static) web site:

Unfortunately, there is no web site for Darka & Slavko so, here’s a wikipedia page:

My first (and only — so far) article in “Sound On Sound” magazine:

Sessions With Slau

Other website mentioned

George Hrab Geologic Podcast at

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6 Responses to “Blank Page Syndrome”

  1. Podcast Fast Pass » Session With Slau Launches Says:

    […] I’m pleased to say the “Sessions With Slau” (a great look behind the scenes of a recording studio) is now up and running. You can listen to his first episode at […]

  2. George Hrab Says:

    WAH HOO!

    Slau is podcasting! YES.

    Great 1st episode, and what a wonderful kick off to what promises to be great show.

    Am I biased? You betcha, but so what. It’s a Ukrainian thang…

    Looking forward to ’09, and congrats.


  3. Carriep Says:


    Will be giving this a listen as soon as I’m done with Geologic Podcast Show #100.

  4. Gary Says:

    I heard of your podcast from Bruce Williams on his Sine Language podcast and have listened to your promo and first episode. Nice! The audio quality is great — certainly to be expected; the range of music enjoyable; and your friendly, easy-going manner sets a welcoming and informal tone for the series. I will continue to listen and look forward to learning a lot.

  5. Slau Says:

    Gee, thanks so much, gary. Your comment reminds me that an episode is overdue. I’ll put the next one together as soon as possible!

  6. Tim White Says:

    Thanks for a great episode with fun insights into a varied career! This episode really made my morning commute fly by, and has perked up my day!

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